Humanity Work in the Age of Smart Machines by preparing to work alongside smart machines using our unique capabilities as humans : thinking critically, reasoning ethically, interacting inter-personally, and serving others with empathy. MoviePass "TV timeshifting App" is the 21st century new-age platform delivering Movies on-demand to devices (mobile, desktop, Smart-TV).


Social enterprise worker collectives, engaging with UWT Partners LLP in their supply chain procurement program, and living wage target for all participants. Co-operative membership is directed towards disadvantaged sectors of community, providing skills training and encouragement to engage in worker owned team enterprise. Membership of the cooperative is subject to Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and BYLAWS of MOVIEPASS co-operative.

Built on Open Source software on custom Google Cloud Platform. Video Cloud Recorder (VCR) performs "record now, watch later" tasks on smart machines (PV-1563) in the Cloud. The mechanical device Video Cassette Recorder is replaced by a virtual set top box (MoviePass)that executes programmable functions remotely to time-shift viewing Movie and TV shows to a later more convenient time. Content is licensed and DRM compliant with Fair Use doctrine.

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